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Blackberry marmalade

Marmelada od kupina

Marmelada od kupina

Blackberry marmalade is produced from mature ECO blackberries, based on tested grandmother’s recipe. 

Jelly pasteurized product with smooth surface, produced by short cooking of previously nicely run through a strainer (powdered, seedless) blackberries.

Produced without artificial aromas, colors and sweeteners, with 100% portion of blackberries, it contains distinctive tasty fruit flavor and aroma.

Ingredients: blackberries, jello substance pectin and minimal necessary quantity of brown sugar

It is best served as light fruity meal, or directly for consummation on bread, baking, pancakes and  other various desserts.

Packed in glass packaging of 212 ml, it is best kept at room temperature or in refrigerator.

Price: 20 kn

note: prices refer to OPG which is not in the PDV system

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