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Blackberry syrup

Sirup od kupina

Sirup od kupina

Searching for a healthy and tasty fruit non-alcoholic beverage, we have come up with an idea to produce blackberry syrup. Pasteurized fruit syrup is obtained from matured ECO blackberries, according to tested traditional recipe intended for children and adults equally.

Blackberry syrup is best diluted with water to an extent 1:6. Than it can be served as fruit addition to meal or chilled with an ice cube as light refreshment on hot summer days. 

In order to achieve natural taste and aroma there are no artificial add-ins of artificial aromas, colors and sweeteners in the blackberry syrup. It is produced with 100% add-in of blackberry and retains all her herbal features.

Ingredients: blackberries, lemon acid and minimal necessary quantity of brown sugar.

Packed in glass packaging 1L, it is best kept (after opening) in the refrigerator.

Price: 40 kn

note: prices refer to OPG which is not in the PDV system

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